Unity Engineer



We are currently seeking a talented and driven junior to mid-level Unity Engineer to join Floreo's engineering team in a contract position. As a Unity Engineer, you will play a vital role in developing custom C# scripts and leveraging our in-house tools to support engaging gameplay experiences for our users.


  • Leverage Unity and C# to develop high-quality, interactive experiences that meet the needs of our users.
  • Utilize Unity and our embedded tools to construct lessons based on specified design requirements.
  • Work with provided environment, graphical, and sound assets to arrange scenes, ensuring optimal placement of characters, objects, and elements within the virtual environment.
  • Create Animator Controllers, set up animations, establish triggers and booleans, and incorporate transitions and animation states for animated characters. Consider head and body movement, inverse kinematics (IK), and object animations.
  • Implement industry best practices and methodologies to ensure the delivery of high-quality projects.
  • Integrate Floreo's standard data collection protocols into the application.
  • Attend team status meetings and communicate project updates efficiently and effectively.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field.
  • Proficiency in the C# programming language.
  • Familiarity with version control using Git.
  • Passion for game development and a strong desire to contribute to the field.
  • Developed at least one Unity game, demonstrating a solid understanding of Unity's capabilities and workflows.
  • Experience with VR applications is a plus and will be highly valued.


Note: Please include a portfolio or examples of previous Unity projects with your application.


Join our dynamic team and contribute to the creation of innovative educational experiences that positively impact the lives of neurodiverse individuals. Apply now by emailing jobs@floreovr.com!