Floreo provides an on-trend way of learning for students on the spectrum. Through the VR system, my clients can work on social, daily living, community, and safety skills in a comfortable environment that we in turn can practice in the real world. Floreo captures components of learning that students on the spectrum lack and intrinsically teaches them problem solving skills that they may miss in a typical setting and or skills that may need polishing.Through in-home family consulting sessions and or sessions at our camp (Camp Connections) we thrive at making sure our families know the importance of this program. Floreo not only provides real time interactions, but it also allows time for students to receive vital feedback that aids in shaping behavior.What I also love about this program is that it's ever changing. Lessons are constantly being developed and rolled out based on user/performance feedback. Monthly check in sessions with the Floreo team provides me with time needed to share my thoughts and ideas for future lessons, tweaks, and or application development.Our team at Changing the Lives of Children with Autism are elated to be a part of the Floreo community!
Jade P.
Family Consultant