We rolled out Floreo this past year at A Step Up Academy with 4 of our students and they thrived! Something we learned as a school this past year during our virtual and hybrid learning due to the Covid-19 Pandemic was that our students were not only motivated but thrived using technology as a learning tool. Being able to incorporate social skills and mindfulness lessons using Floreo truly helped our students engage and learn new skills. One of our favorite features is that the VR simulations allow peers to give direct feedback to our students, rather than giving that feedback as their teachers. Having peers be able to give feedback to our students helps them develop their perspective taking skills, as well as motivate them to self-regulate their behaviors based on their peer’s reactions!

Another amazing part of Floreo is the support from the management and creation team. They were constantly checking in to see how things were going and offer their support. The fact that they were interested in what we would like to see created as new content of areas that could help our students grow was incredible! We are expanding our Floreo program this year to include access for 16 students due to the tremendous success we saw with our 4 students last year. We cannot wait to see what they unroll next! I highly recommend adding Floreo as part of your social skills and life skills programming!

Jillian W.
BCBA, Director of Clinical Programming