Learner Experience

Learn and grow, from anywhere.

With Floreo, learning is not restricted to a certain time or place. Learners have the ability to learn new skills, and strengthen existing ones, anywhere they want, whenever they want. Easy to set up, easy to start.


5 simple steps open up Floreo’s world of learning

Floreo lessons are viewed through the mobile VR headset by the Learner, while a Coach follows along on an iPad to guide progress throughout the experience.


Pair compatible device setup.
The coaching device(s) and learning VR headset are paired to the Floreo app.
Floreo Learner Experience Step 2@2x


Stream the chosen experience in VR.
The Learner wears the VR headset to stream the lesson. The Learner experiences the immersive experience.


Watch learning in real-time.

The VR lesson view is streamed in real-time to the coaching device.



Provide coaching and deliver direction.

The coaching device uses a co-pilot mode to direct the lesson and learning experience, providing guidance, instructions, and encouragement throughout.

Floreo Learner Experience Step 5@2x-1


See progress and offer contextual guidance.
Review the Learner's lesson completion and progress in the Floreo portal.
* iPhone 7 or above, iOS 15.0 and above and. Google Cardboard-compatible headset or Meta Quest
**Meta Quest 2

Watch our video for helpful tips


A library of experiences designed by clinical experts

Hundreds of research-backed lessons and experiences are inside Floreo’s library. Each VR experience uses evidence-based strategies and is developed from close collaboration between clinicians, therapists, engineers and neurodiverse people.
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A whole new world of learning awaits.

Join the growing community of Learners engaging in learning experiences that support growth. Families, Coaches, and Educators work together using Floreo to individualize the approach, make progress, and celebrate growth.