Training Video Series

Learn and grow, from anywhere.

With Floreo, learning is not restricted to a certain time or place. And that goes for Coach training too! These training videos can help you get started using Floreo on your own: easy to set up, easy to start

Five different images, people wearing virtual reality helmets

Floreo Training Videos

You are on your way to becoming a Floreo expert! Follow along with these simple videos to get started.

Floreo Story

Best Practices

Using Floreo with Google Cardboard

Using Floreo with Meta Quest 2

Preparing for your first lesson

Floreo in Action


A library of experiences designed by clinical experts

Hundreds of research-backed lessons and experiences are inside Floreo’s library. Each VR experience uses evidence-based strategies and is developed from close collaboration between clinicians, therapists, engineers and neurodiverse people.
Floreo World@2x

A whole new world of learning awaits.

Join the growing community of Learners engaging in learning experiences that support growth. Families, Coaches, and Educators work together using Floreo to individualize the approach, make progress, and celebrate growth.