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Floreo is a passionate team of caring people and experienced professionals coming from diverse backgrounds.

We are educators, developers, and researchers excited by the possibility of what virtual reality (VR) technology can do to support the growth of neurodiverse individuals. Endless inspiration, exciting innovation, and amazing research drive our work at Floreo daily.

Discover what we’re about and how you can become a part of the incredible mission that drives us.


Our story

Removing the boundaries of what therapy can be and where it can be done.

Floreo was inspired by our founder Vijay Ravindran, after seeing his child’s first virtual reality experience lead to exciting engagement and new milestones. That first experience led to creating a brand new medium for teaching and therapy, one where learning in the virtual world leads to real world success.

Today, Floreo’s immersive experiences provide thousands of people and practitioners with fun and engaging ways to practice and develop important skills that are difficult to learn and teach in "real life."

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At Floreo, we recognize that everyone has the power to make a difference, no matter their background or experience. Whether you are an experienced programmer, a researcher in the field of behavioral therapy or neuroscience, or if you’re just passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of those with neurodiverse conditions, Floreo could be the perfect place for you to grow and make your mark.

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We offer a remote, flexible work environment, with industry competitive salary and benefits. Full-time employees enjoy the following benefits.







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Unity Engineer

Floreo is a leading VR application available for iOS and Meta Quest, designed to empower neurodiverse populations through immersive and scientifically-backed lessons. With nearly 200 lessons, our app enables learners to acquire complex skills at their own pace using cutting-edge research and techniques. We are currently seeking a talented and driven junior to mid-level Unity Engineer to join Floreo's engineering team in a contract position. As a Unity Engineer, you will play a vital role in developing custom C# scripts and leveraging our in-house tools to support engaging gameplay experiences for our users.
April 22, 2024

Floreo is an equal opportunity employer.

At Floreo, we are committed to hiring a diverse and talented workforce who will contribute to our mission and goals. We believe that every individual should have an equal opportunity to pursue a career of their choice, regardless of race, faith, gender, orientation, service history, age, physical ability or any other status.