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Floreo Announces Partnership with Leading Autism Therapy Provider to Test Whether Virtual Reality Can Help People on the Autism Spectrum to Develop Critical Social Skills

By Mariela Martinez | Aug 19, 2017

Partnership with Centria Healthcare’s Autism Services will focus on piloting new virtual reality-driven autism learning modules

WASHINGTON, August 19, 2017 — Floreo Inc., an early stage tech startup developing virtual reality-driven autism learning tools, today announced a new partnership with Centria Healthcare’s Autism Services, one of the largest providers of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy in the United States. Through this partnership, Floreo and CAR will launch a pilot study to test whether immersive virtual reality can improve social skills in children and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Floreo’s virtual reality application provides an immersive and engaging learning tool intended to help individuals with ASD build real world skills. If proven effective, the application would be an affordable supplement to traditional therapy that is fun and engaging for the user, while allowing a supervising adult to monitor and guide the activities.

“We are excited to partner with one of the nation’s largest providers of ABA therapy to find out if virtual reality can help individuals with ASD develop the social skills needed to live safely and independently,” says Vijay Ravindran, Chief Executive Officer of Floreo. “The partnership with Centria will be vital for Floreo to establish efficacy of virtual reality-driven therapy within the evidence backed framework of ABA therapy.”

“We are excited about exploring the potential of Virtual Reality to support comprehensive behavioral interventions in children with ASD,” noted Steven Merahn, MD, Centria’s Chief Medical Officer. “This has the potential to be an important resource for Behavior Analysts to have in their therapeutic toolbox”

The pilot will launch later this year.

About Floreo Inc

Floreo is an early stage startup founded by Vijay Ravindran and Vibha Sazawal. Its application, which is currently in a pilot phase with various institutions, delivers immersive, fun, and affordable lessons through the power of virtual reality. Lessons are based on established techniques intended to help individuals with ASD build real world skills. The company is based in Washington DC. Find out more at https://floreotech.com/

About Centria Healthcare’s Autism Services

Centria Autism is a nationally recognized provider of Autism support and ABA therapies. Centria provides comprehensive support to families in need of behavioral planning and intervention related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Find out more at http://www.centriaautism.com/