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Floreo Avenues for Addressing Spatial Concept Understanding and Expression

By Rita Solórzano | Mar 20, 2024


DE130_LocationsFloreo Avenues for Addressing Spatial Concept Understanding and Expression: Floreo has specific lessons designed to address the acquisition of spatial concepts, but if you take a quick look around the Floreo lessons, you will find many opportunities where those concepts can be reinforced. Because of the immersive nature of Floreo's lessons, working on spatial concepts using virtual reality can be extremely efficient. 

Up / Down: Up and down are some of the earliest developing concepts. Once a Learner is used to moving in a virtual scene, Spatial Concepts: Up & Down is a good way to introduce these concepts because it offers the Learner an opportunity to move in those directions. Other instances of up and down can be observed in Watch it Go, where the chimp moves up and down the pole, and the bird is up in the tree. The Look & Find Lessons ( Look & Find 180, Look & Find 360, Winter Look & Find 180, Winter Look & Find 360 ) show items in various locations (up in the tree, down on the ground, etc.) Scan the Store Shelves  shows some items up on high shelves or down on low shelves. In the Airport Security Check and related lessons, if the Learners who move through the body scanner need to put their hands up. (And if a Learner needs practice imitating the action 'put your hands up', try Be a Copy Hero, where the action is modeled. 

In / Out: In and out are also among the earliest developing spatial concepts. After introducing those concepts by using the Floreo lesson Spatial Concepts: In & Out, the Learner can observe, identify and label those concepts by contrasting Listen & Find, 1 Animal by Name, where Emma is in the cab of the truck, with Meet the Animals, where Emma is out of the cab of the truck. In Greetings in Motion and the new, Choose Your Greeting, the characters are going into rooms and coming out of rooms in the school hallway. In the Teamwork lessons (such as Teamwork: Cooperative Work), the cans are in the boxes until someone takes them out of the box. 

Left / Right: Left and right can be challenging for individuals to acquire. The basics are first addressed in our train-based lesson: Spatial Concepts: Left & Right. Solidifying those concepts in any of the 7 street crossing lessons (including: Check for Risky Cars)  can be very helpful. In Emma Wants to Look Too and Get Emma's Attention, while orienting to the character, Emma, the animals will be to the Learner's left and right. In Teamwork: Communication, specific color cans are in the boxes on the Learner's left and right. 

Consider the following lessons for other concepts: 

Far / Near: Use Stop & Go with the Giraffes where the giraffes start far away and then move close.

Big / Small: Use Reunite The Animals where the Learner is matching adult and young animals.

First / Middle / Last: Use Move Giraffe! It's Time to Swing where the children are standing in line waiting to push the swing.

And of course, Spatial Concepts: Where is the Train? demonstrates multiple concepts including: under, over, around, between, next to, behind. It also reinforces in and out. 

These are just a few opportunities for teaching spatial concepts in Floreo. I suspect our users can find many more!