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Introducing Chit-Chat with Myra

By Marsha Stepensky MSEd BCBA | Mar 14, 2024



What can I expect from this new lesson?

ChitChat with Myra offers an immersive experience where Learners can practice the art of social chit-chat alongside Myra. This lesson is specifically tailored to improve listening and responding skills through common small talk comments and questions. Coaches have the flexibility to select from a variety of relatable everyday topics, including:

  • Allergies
  • Feeling Sad
  • Favorite Foods
  • Last Night's Events
  • Pets
  • Sports
  • Recess
  • Weather

The lesson is designed to address key conversational skills such as holding back-and-forth conversations, utilizing social chit-chat effectively, and sharing enjoyment or excitement with others. Learners will find themselves more equipped to engage in casual dialogue, an essential component of daily interaction, whether in the community, at school, or in the workplace.

Are there any other new features?

To enhance the learning experience, "ChitChat with Myra" incorporates several new features:

    • Choice of Topics: 
      • Coaches can tailor the conversation by selecting topics that resonate most with the Learner, with two conversation paths per topic for added variation. 
      • By introducing topics Learners might find less engaging, this lesson offers an opportunity to practice gracefully navigating and exiting conversations that do not hold their interest.
  • Coach Buttons:
    • Next Sentence: used when the Learner gives an expected response, advancing the conversation.
    • Repeat That: helps reinforce clarity and understanding if the Learner's response was too quiet or ambiguous.
    • I'm Confused: guides Learners back on track if their response veers off-topic or lacks relevance.
  • Structured Exchanges: Each chit-chat topic consists of 4 conversational exchanges and can be repeated as needed

What if my Learner isn’t ready for a back and forth conversation yet?

If your Learner isn't quite prepared for extended conversations, beginning with the Intro to Small Talk lessons is a good first step. Located in our Conversation Skills category, these lessons feature Brandon, Carlos, and May, laying a solid foundation for Learners with emerging social skills. They offer focused practice on responding to peer comments through single conversational exchanges, ideal for building confidence in social interactions.

Share your thoughts on our latest Social Interactions lesson, and keep an eye out for upcoming ChitChat sessions with our newest Floreo friends!