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Using Floreo: Crystal Cave vs. Guided Focus for Body Relaxation

By Rita Solórzano | Dec 6, 2023

Did you ever notice the similarities and differences between the Floreo lessons “Crystal Cave” and “Guided Focus for Body Relaxation”? 

Both place the Learner in a boat in a calming crystal cave and have soothing water sounds in the background. The Learner travels through the cave to collect crystals after demonstrating a body awareness activity focused on relaxing the hands, feet and shoulders. In addition to focusing on and relaxing those parts of the body, the Learner is instructed to breathe as a relaxation strategy. Both lessons allow the Coach to control the pace of the lesson in case the Learner needs any additional support from the Coach during the experience. 

The lesson “Crystal Cave” displays banners which the Coach reads to the Learner, whereas the “Guided Focus for Body Relaxation” lesson presents the instructions as a voiceover. If the Coach needs or wants to adjust the language for the Learner, it is very easy to do so in “Crystal Cave”. The language of the instructions in “Crystal Cave” is simplified for Learners with more basic language skills, while the instructions in “Guided Focus for Body Relaxation” contains more details. For example, Crystal Cave provides the direction: “Take a deep breath”, whereas “Guided Focus for Body Relaxation” instructs the Learner to “Breathe in through your nose and mouth. Fill your belly and hold for 5 seconds.” 

The similarities between these 2 lessons take advantage of the calming environment while the differences can allow you to customize the experience to best fit your Learners. Try them both!