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New Greetings lessons with more distractions!

By Heather | Feb 25, 2021


New Lessons: Populated greetings in motion: low traffic & Populated greetings in motion: high traffic

Who it is for: Learners of all ages, especially late elementary, middle, and high school age Learners

What’s new: We have added extra characters and background sounds to the Greetings in motion learning card. Now, the Learner can practice differentially responding to friendly, unfriendly and neutral greetings in an environment with these extra distractions. In Low traffic, there are a few kids with some light background hallway sounds. The High traffic card adds even more students in the scenes and as well as the sound of lockers slamming, kids chattering, and even the occasional school bell.

Consider pairing with: Start off with our other Social Sense in the Hallway lessons which provide the opportunity for the Learner to practice responding to different types of greetings (friendly, unfriendly, and neutral) from a peer avatar.

Then, try out Greetings in Motion, where we ramp up the difficulty level with randomization of the different types of greetings so the Learner does not know what to expect. This lesson also introduces a “real time” sense of urgency: the Learner must be looking at the avatar in order to receive the greeting and there is very little time for additional Coaching instruction to take place. Building up to the low and high populated cards can help the Learner be successful with the added distractions!

Finally, you can head over to our Small Talk in the Hallway module which takes things a step further from just an initial greeting and allows the Learner the opportunity to practice responding to small talk initiated by a peer and then connecting over a shared experience.

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