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Are you planning on using Floreo for emotional regulation?

By Rita Solórzano | May 22, 2024

Floreo is a great addition to your summer programming whether you are incorporating it into a camp or using it at home with your Learners.  The Emotional Regulation skill category has content for Learners at all developmental levels. It can also be helpful to have some activities to introduce the mindful VR experience or as a follow-up to the VR lesson. Here is one idea that you might consider using with your Learners. 

Before you begin, notice how your Learner is moving (or not moving) today. Some Learners have an "engine" that tends to run high. They are in constant movement. When they start or stop a movement it tends to be sudden. Other Learners have an "engine" that runs low. They move slowly and are often slow to respond. Decide whether you would like to support your Learners ability to slow their pace (to support calming), or hasten their pace (to support alertness).

Now, go to a Google search page and type in "metronome".  You can play the metronome right from this screen. The colors on this are very useful! Notice how, when you move the colored dot that sits between the (-) and the (+), and tap the play button, the number of beats per minute (BPM) changes and the color changes. Test it out on yourself first and notice how the beats are either calming or energizing.

Pick a beat that closely approximates your Learner's pace. And see if you both can walk or move at the rhythm of the metronome. Walking is great because it is a whole-body movement, but if walking is too tricky, try just using both hands to tap your sides.

  • If you want your Learner to slow down, gradually move the metronome speed to a slower pace and see if you both can match the movement of the metronome.
  • If you want your Learner to become more energetic, gradually move the metronome speed to a faster pace and see if you both can match the movement of the metronome. 

(This activity is adapted from the book, "Self-regulation and Mindfulness" by Varleisha Gibbs.)

Now, try using one of the "quiet spaces" in Floreo such as Snowfall, Hang Out in the Aquarium, and Find the Fish, which all provide opportunities for individuals to regulate. Snowy Landscapes uses a moving camera above real vistas for a change of pace and may help with alerting a Learner. For VR experiences that provide a voice-over encouraging reflective breathing and body awareness, try out  Guided Meditation: Sitting in the Snowfall, Guided Meditation: Sitting in the Aquarium, and Guided Focus for Body Relaxation.  Yoga Poses is a bit more active and allows individuals to follow an instructor in some simple physical movements accompanied by reminders to breathe. 

Don't miss out on our newest Emotional Regulation lesson, Peaceful Painting! Help your Learner find colors that reflect their feelings.