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What Floreo lessons are designed for older Learners?

By Rita Solórzano | Mar 13, 2024



What Floreo lessons are designed for older students and adults? Floreo has content for Learners of all ages, though some of our content has been specifically constructed to address needs of transitioning youth and adults. This content currently falls into 3 general areas: community-based experiences, employment-based experiences and emotional regulation/mindfulness. 

Community-based lessons: Orienting to the Grocery Store helps the Learner understand how a grocery store is typically laid out. Scan the Store Shelves helps VR users scan the shelves for the items on their lists. (For more ideas on how to make the most of the grocery store, see our previous posting). Our 6 bus lessons help the Learner with skills, such as finding the correct bus stop, practicing a street crossing routine, reading the schedule, acknowledging other commuters in the area, asking the bus driver questions, and paying a fare for the bus. These lessons are: Find Your Bus: This is Your Bus; Find Your Bus: Wait for 2nd Bus; Find Your Bus: Destination Not On Schedule; Find Your Bus: With Other PeopleFind Your Bus: Unmarked BusFind Your Bus: Troubleshoot Missed Bus

Our Police Encounter lessons give individuals practice talking to police officers. The officers approach the individuals and ask questions. In Police Questions 1, Police Questions 2, Police Questions 3, and Police Questions 4, the questions are straightforward and the interaction always ends amicably. In Choose Your Police Encounter, the Coach can choose a challenge level of easy, medium and difficult, can tailor the questions to an individual who might be perceived as a juvenile or an adult, and can choose targeted behaviors such as “show your identification” and/or “sit and wait”. Finally, Airport Security Check and Understanding Airport Security allow individuals to move through an airport security sequence, including navigating the stanchions that define the line, speaking to the security guard, placing items in buckets to move through the X-ray equipment, going through either the metal detector or the body scanner, following directions, finding a place to sit and collect your things, looking at the signs to find the departure gate. Airport Security Check allows the Coach to deliver the information to the Learner, making it customizable for Learners who need explanations worded differently, while in Understanding Airport Security, individuals hear a voiceover of the information. 

Employment-based Experiences: Floreo has 2 different locations where individuals can practice work-based soft skills: a movie theater and a grocery store. Three lessons on Time Management take place in the movie theater. Time Management: Organizational Habits offers individuals opportunities to follow a list to complete the set up behind a movie theater concession counter. Time Management: Multitasking asks the Learner to work efficiently by starting one task, moving to a second task while the first task completes its process, and then returning to the first task to ensure it is complete. The third in this series, Time Management: Interruptions and Distractions, asks the individual to either shift attention briefly while completing tasks or refrain from shifting attention while completing tasks. The 3 employment-based lessons in the grocery store focus on social and practical skills needed to work with team members in a work situation. These lessons are: Teamwork: Cooperative Work, Teamwork: Communication, Teamwork: Collaboration & Compromise

Emotional Regulation/Mindfulness Experiences: Floreo has built several environments that can provide a respite for individuals. Guided Meditation: Sitting in the Snowfall, Guided Meditation: Sitting in the Aquarium and Guided Focus for Body Relaxation all provide voice-over experiences for individuals to support breathing, body awareness and relaxation. Yoga Poses is a bit more active and allows for individuals to follow an instructor in some simple physical movements accompanied by reminders to breathe.  Snowfall, Hang Out in the Aquarium, and Find the Fish all provide quiet spaces for individuals to regulate. Snowy Landscapes uses a moving camera above real vistas for a change of pace. 

Consider these lessons for students starting at age 13 to grow their skills and help them prepare early for more and more independent living.