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Brand new, employment-related lessons from Floreo!

By Heather | Feb 1, 2023

Over the years, one of our most frequent content-related asks has been for employment-related lessons. We are pleased to announce the latest lessons in collaboration with Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD). These lessons address soft skills in the workplace: communication, cooperation, collaboration, and compromise. We are excited to share them with you and can't wait to hear what you think!

New Partnerships


A warm welcome to our newest partners at Grosse Pointe Public Schools (MI) and The Notre Dame School of Dallas (TX) just signed up to begin their Floreo programs. We look forward to helping you serve the needs of your students and communities!

Are you ready to join the Floreo family? We would love to discuss implementation in your school, district, or practice!

New CPT III Code Active


Last summer, Floreo sponsored the application for a new CPT III Code that went into effect January 1, 2023. Code 0770T is an add-on code that represents the practice expense for the software used for the VR technology and may be reported for each session for which VR technology is used. VR technology is incorporated into the base therapy session and is used to enhance the training or teaching of a skill upon which the therapy is focused.

If you are interested in incorporating this CPT III code into your practice's billing procedure, please let us know. We have some tips for outreach that may be helpful for you. 


New lessons


New Lesson: Teamwork: Cooperative Work, Teamwork: Communication, Teamwork: Collaboration and Compromise

Who it is for: Learners aged 14+

What's new: In the Floreo grocery store, Learners will focus on skills that are essential when working on team with others.

Teamwork: Cooperative Work: The Learner will work with a co-worker to create a store display by following a specific pattern of alternating colors with additional opportunities to work on greetings, introductions, and sharing information relevant to the project.

Teamwork: Communication: The Learner will build their own store display but they may find that they need a co-worker's help to complete the task. 

Teamwork: Collaboration and Compromise: Working with two co-workers, the Learner will collaborate on colors and design for their store display. They may need to practice being flexible and find a compromise if their co-workers don't agree with the original plan. 

Consider pairing with: the 6 Find Your Bus lessons to help your Learner work on even more independent living skills.

Find the Teamwork lessons in the Community & Daily Living skill category once you have the latest version of Floreo! If you haven't yet had a chance to download the latest version of Floreo, it's a good time to do it! You can find it in the iOS app store by clicking this link. If you have Floreo rental equipment, make sure to turn it on, connect it to WiFi and let the update download before opening the app. 

If you haven't yet subscribed to Floreo, we would love to discuss subscription options with you. And if you or your staff would like to talk through the new content or any of the changes we've recently made, please reply to this email to set up time to speak to a member of our team!



If you are attending any upcoming events, let us know, we would love to set up time to meet with you!

Floreo in the news


Floreo Lead Self-Advocate, Sam Farmer, was recently featured on the Green Zone podcast in discussion with NeuroShifts founder Vicky Westra. Their conversation covered a lot of ground, including how Sam "came out" as autistic, labels for autism (difference, disability, unique abilities, etc.), autism acceptance, masking vs. disclosure, the fears and unknowns involved in being autistic or the parent of an autistic child, self-esteem building, and more. Listen and watch.


Funding ideas

We know that budgets can be tight and we want to help get Floreo into the hands of anyone who needs it! If we can help write up your DonorsChoose application (teachers) or provide information for a grant you have identified (anyone!) please let us know.

IDEA and Title I funds are also great sources to help you access a Floreo subscription. As you start thinking about budgets for 2023-24, consider adding in Floreo!

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