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Floreo Lesson Deep Dive: Cloud Chronicles: Tales from the Sky

By Marsha Stepensky, MS | Nov 28, 2023


Introducing Cloudy Chronicles: Tales from the Sky

Welcome to our latest adventure in learning! We're thrilled to introduce a unique addition to our lesson library that's unlike anything we've offered before. Cloudy Chronicles: Tales from the Sky invites learners on a journey of imagination and storytelling with Myra, exploring the whimsical world of cloud shapes.

What is the new lesson about?

Learners hang out with Myra for a session of imaginative play, observing cloud shapes and crafting stories based on them. This interactive experience aims to foster storytelling skills and imagination, as learners co-create narratives with a peer in a structured yet creative setting.

What skills does this lesson help develop?

This lesson is specifically designed to enhance communication, social interactions, and encourage creative and imaginative play. It's a unique way to develop these vital skills in a fun, engaging environment.

How do you play the lesson?

To play, help your Learner observe different cloud shapes. We provide buttons for common shapes like balloons, pizzas, trains, butterflies, and more, to guide those who need a bit of help. However, if your Learner identifies a different shape, you can select "Creative Response" to continue the story.

Can you give examples of the story themes and prompts used in the lesson?

The lesson features themes like "Birthday Party," where Myra and the learner create a story about attending a party, including what they'll bring and eat. "Going on a Trip" is another theme, where they imagine a journey, discussing transportation, destinations, and activities. Lastly, "Stuffed Animal Adventure" invites them to devise a story about a toy's adventure, including its accessories and activities.

My learner struggles with creative and imaginative thinking and may only see clouds as clouds. How can we play this lesson effectively?

Imaginative thinking can be challenging for some Learners. If your Learner tends to see only clouds, start by gently guiding their imagination. You can use the preset buttons to suggest shapes, which might help them visualize beyond just clouds. If they still are having trouble, turn it into a learning moment. Ask them to describe the cloud – its size, shape, or color. This can be a stepping stone towards more imaginative thinking. Remember, the lesson is designed to be flexible and accommodating to different levels of imagination and creativity. The goal is to make the experience enjoyable and enriching, regardless of how vividly they imagine.

Are there right or wrong answers in this game? How should I guide my learner when they're using their imagination?

One of the beautiful aspects of this game is that there are no right or wrong answers – it's all about letting the imagination soar. We encourage Learners to think freely and creatively, without the pressure of correctness. As a Coach, your role is to support and validate their ideas, no matter how whimsical or unconventional they may seem. If they say a cloud looks like a pineapple or a dancing elephant, that's fantastic! In this lesson, every imaginative response is celebrated. It's an opportunity for learners to express themselves uniquely and build confidence in their creative abilities.

About the Author

Marsha Stepensky, MS

Marsha is a first-generation American, born to Soviet immigrant parents and raised in the Washington, DC area. She holds a Master of Science in Special Education with a concentration on Severe to Profound Disabilities and a Post-Master's Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Johns Hopkins University.