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Using Floreo: Use the grocery store lessons to their maximum potential

By Rita Solórzano | Jan 17, 2024
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Floreo's Director of Applied Digital Therapy, Rita Solórzano MA, CCC-SLP, is a Speech Language Pathologist with over 30 years of experience.

Use the grocery store lessons to their maximum potential. Floreo's grocery store lessons, which are great for older students using Floreo, can be implemented to cover a variety of skills, from scanning and reading to problem-solving and planning. Consider using two of these lessons Orienting to the Grocery Store and Scan the Store Shelves to support your Learner in building skills. 

Step 1: Scan the shelves. Start with this lesson in order to help Learners find specific items on the grocery store shelf and place the items in their baskets. This is a good lesson to begin with because it does not require movement within the lesson, something to which new users may be a bit sensitive.  

Step 2: Use Orienting to the Grocery Store to help your Learner understand how most Grocery Stores are organized.

Between Floreo activities: 

  • Outside of VR, create a shopping list of 3-4 items. Those 3 to 4 items could be random or they could be specific to a particular recipe, such as grilled cheese sandwiches or fruit salad. 
  • Consider using pictures to create your list. 
  • Draw a map of the store to help with navigation. 

Step 3: Then use Orienting to the Grocery Store to find those items. 

  1. First, have all items come from the same section of the store, for example, dairy. 
  2. Then, all items from 2 different sections. 
    1. Consider adding quantity on the list. How many cans of tomato soup are needed?
  3. Then, 3 items from 3 different sections. 

You may consider having a grocery list outside of VR that the Learner can check off once the item is found. 

Step 4: Problem Solving. Add an item to the list that is not in the store. What are a customer’s options? Find an alternative (yogurt for sour cream; strawberry for raspberry, etc.)? Go to another store? …

After VR: Discuss what you can you make with these 3 ingredients (e.g., ice cream, bananas, chocolate sauce…). 

Now that you’ve primed for a trip to the grocery store, try out one in real life! And don’t forget to check out our Teamwork lessons that are set in the grocery store too.