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Hidden opportunities within Floreo

By Rita Solórzano | Feb 7, 2024

Hidden Opportunities in Floreo: Have you ever noticed that Floreo lessons often offer opportunities for your Learners to demonstrate skills that the lesson wasn’t necessarily designed for? The engaging and immersive nature of the VR experience is ripe ground for this type of learning. Here are just a few ideas: 

“Simon Says” is a game that requires skills such as focus, auditory attention and inhibition. Consider using Be a Copy Hero or Be an Echo Hero with the avatar in the Floreo scene as the Simon Says leader. As the Learner wears the headset. The Coach will need to verbally add the phrase “Simon Says” prior to tapping the action or word the Learner needs to repeat or avoid repeating. This can be used as a group activity with Learners taking turns in the headset as the rest of the class observe the iPad view that is ported to a larger screen. Other Learners may also be included by selecting the action or word from the iPad. 

Learners may also gain experience as the the Simon Says leader, by using the lessons Show ‘em What to Do or Tell ‘em What to Say where the Learner initiates by saying, “Simon Says, raise your hands,” or “Spin”. This is a nice activity for giving Learners agency over the events in their environment. 

Some other ideas for expanding the use of Floreo: 

To address Auditory Sequence and Memory: Try: Meet the Animals and ask the Learner to find specific animals in sequence. Emphasize time-related vocabulary (e.g. 1st, next, etc.). 

To address Concept Development: Try: Watch it Go and ask the Learner to identify or label concepts such as: up, down, far, near, above. Try: Look & Find 360 and Winter Look & Find 360 and ask the Learner to name where the object was found. Try: Look & Find 180 or Look & Find 360 and ask the Learner to identify or label colors.