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Why is Floreo good for perspective-taking?

By Rita Solórzano | Feb 14, 2024

Father and child sitting and using laptop

Why is Floreo so good for perspective-taking? Floreo puts the Learner in the so-called "driver's seat" of a social interaction or daily task and the pacing of the Floreo events allows for maximum opportunities for success in that situation. In many cases, classrooms or social skills groups use Floreo by placing the headset on an individual Learner and projecting the iPad view to a SmartBoard or Smart TV. This not only allows the rest of the group to see what the Learner is seeing, but also, to see it from the exact same perspective. Currently, virtual reality is the only medium that allows for others to experience the same interaction at the same time in this way.

In addition to reinforcing perspective taking, this mirrored view on the Floreo iPad can give more apprehensive Learners the confidence to feel that they can be successful in the interaction, too, because, by watching their peer navigate the experience, the observer can feel as though they just accomplished it as well. Furthermore, the Floreo iPad view gives the Coach the perspective of the Learner, which can allow for improved sensitivity to a neurodivergent Learner's experience.

The skill of perspective-taking is often a challenge for special needs students and adults. It is an important skill in conversation, cooperative problem solving, understanding characters in literature, developing our own self-awareness, and a myriad of other ways. It is a skill that begins in infancy and continues to develop throughout our lifetime.